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Information technology (IT) law

In today’s world, modern IT infrastructure based on reliable cloud, data protection and software licensing strategies is as crucial to companies as social media or e-commerce.

Our services in information technology law – comprehensive and tailored to your needs

With our extensive experience in IT law, we work together with you to take create customised solutions in unleashing the full potential of cloud, e-commerce, social media and modern software licensing models, naturally in full compliance with relevant data protection laws.
We offer the following services:


  • Development of public, private and hybrid cloud models
  • Identification of cloud-specific risks and development of appropriate solutions
  • Specification of cloud services, drafting of contracts concerning data migration and exit strategies
  • Cloud data security at national and international levels
  • Cloud-based data protection solutions
  • Advice on and assistance in the transition from outsourcing to the cloud

IT law and data protection

  • National and international data protection including data protection in corporate groups
  • Drafting of standard contract clauses and company-wide Binding Corporate Rules (BCR)
  • Contract data processing
  • Protection of particular types of personal information, especially medical and health care records
  • Data protection in relation to social media, web tracking and online data protection
  • Devising of central HR, CRM and ERP systems, including skill databases, in compliance with data protection laws
  • Compliance with data protection laws and employee data protection

Software licensing

  • Development of customised licensing strategies and models
  • Drafting, auditing and negotiating software licensing, outsourcing and project contracts
  • Development of cloud-based or non-cloud-based “Distribution as a Service” (DaaS) models
  • Representing your interests in case of breach of license agreements 
  • Advice, structuring and on the structuring of complex IT tender procedures and implementations, including
  • Structuring of complex IT tender procedures and executions

Social media

  • Advice on and creation of legally compliant company presentations
  • Implementation of data protection and competition law related requirements in association with employment law
  • Formulation of corporate social media guidelines and agreements
  • Assistance in the implementation of social plugins


  • Advice on and creation of B2C and B2B marketplaces in the national and international context, including general terms and conditions, online data protection and social media
  • Online presence development and usage contracts, especially concerning web design, web content and hosting agreements
  • Development of affiliate programs
  • Advice on the adjustment of business processes to reduce payment defaults in e-commerce



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