Antitrust criminal law


Antitrust proceedings with high fines are increasingly being reported in the media. Reason for this is, among others, the so-called “leniency programme”, which only applies in a few cases in German criminal and administrative offences law. This program gives the opportunity for the court to mitigate or even exempt the company from punishment (if their statement results in the disclosure of other companies that have participated in unlawful measures). In any way, companies have the responsibility to take precautionary measures.


Meetings at symposia, trade fairs and similar events can quickly result in behaviour which is considered inappropiate by law. These situations include tendering for goods or commercial services by submitting offers. With numerous regulations, the state not only protects free competition, but also the requirements of the free market. Further topics related to this are the protection of trade secrets or industrial property rights.


We provide services in antitrust criminal law across a range of matters, including:

  • Preventive advice to companies to avoide competition law risks;
  • Representation at all stages of criminal and administrative proceedings.

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