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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Cloud and hybrid solutions for your office communication

  • Cloud consulting with release and update strategy
  • Hybrid design and concept
  • Decision criteria for costs and benefits
  • Best practice with example of Office 365


Many companies operate their office communication and software (e.g. Word, Excel, PowerPoint, file archiving, email, SharePoint and Skype for Business) in their own IT infrastructure. For smaller to medium-sized companies these services are run on virtual machines. The virtual systems are installed on a number of physical servers.
The licenses for the use of the clients (i.e. office suites) and the correct licensing of the corresponding services on the own servers (e.g. Exchange CAL's ) are almost always purchased and are the property of the company.
The use of these exclusively on-premise IT structures takes away the opportunity for many companies to exploit the opportunities and advantages of cloud-and hybrid solutions.
The cloud and hybrid solution of Office 365 from Microsoft is focused on office communication and offers considerably more added value compared to exclusive on-premise operation:
  • Almost unlimited storage space for emails 
  • 1 terabyte of user-related storage space for the storage of own files
  • Proportional amount of SharePoint storage space 
  • Additional products such as Skype for business, Delve or Sway
Furthermore, this includes all the necessary rights for client licensing and access licensing for the servers.

Microsoft cloud consulting from Rödl & Partner

In consultation with you we elaborate the best variant for the respective use case. Furthermore, using the CSP program from Microsoft we have the necessary licenses. We are your contact partner for technical matters and also for the licensing environment.
The IT system in the cloud and also the Office applications from the cloud are largely standardised and difficult to adapt to the requirements of your company.
Therefore, before deciding to use Office 365 it is necessary to carry out a detailed fit-gap analysis which we carry out together with you.

​Release and update strategy

Cloud use means being up-to-date. We support you with cyclical software renewals for the front and back end.

Hybrid design compared to cloud only

While some companies opt to move completely into the cloud, the structure of other companies makes this less practical.
Many companies decide on individual on-premise solutions with a high degree of operational maturity. Due to the very limited possibilities of adaption in the cloud, hybrid scenarios have to be set up. This enables the combination of the individual on-premise approach with the advantages of the cloud. A number of examples:
  • Exchange in a hybrid scenario, in order, for example, to continue to benefit from existing Exchange extensions from third-party products.
  • Skype for Business in a hybrid scenario to integrate the existing VoIP-capable telephone system in Skype for business.
  • File server integration via on-premise SharePoint for migration of data to the cloud.
In consultation with you, Rödl & Partner develops high quality hybrid scenarios for your requirements.

Cloud use and costs

For companies cloud use does not always mean lower costs. The reasons for this are:
  • Additional servers are required to identify the users and synchronise with the cloud 
  • Additional servers are required to establish hybrid designs
  • All existing 3rd party products require an update to be able to uphold the product strategy of Microsoft
  • Parallel costs are incurred in the course of data migration and there are one-off project costs to enable the data migration
Office 365 then offers you the best benefits when on-premise and Microsoft cloud services are correctly combined. We will help you to achieve this.

With Rödl & Partner in the cloud

We have extensive experience in advising companies with the selection and implementation of hybrid or cloud-only scenarios. 
Rödl & Partner
  • Supports approx. 4000 users in Office 365
  • Offers license management for small, medium-sized and large customers
  • Provides support for the selection of the right operational set-up 
  • Analyses and provides support for the transfer to the cloud


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