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SAP Analytics

Data analyses for generation of new knowledge take time, require experience and entail risks of misinterpreting results. Approaches in the area of analytics address these issues by generating knowledge through statistical methods and data mining approaches, or by automatically formulating theses about interrelationships between data. Thus, businesses can use the potential of the collected data faster, more extensively and more securely, achieving significant competitive advantages. 
SAP Analytics
How does it work? Entirely independent IT processes that would achieve the above mentioned goals are (currently) not available. The human being as data analyst and developer of analytics models continues to be the most important element of this process. The focus of the task is shifting from data analysis to the generating of models and the decision making process. This trend goes back to the classic Business Intelligence (which could be then described rather as creating reports for further analysis). 

The "new" methods are just another tool; the challenge is now to know and use this tool in a targeted manner. The use of BI or analytics is not a matter of an either-or decision: Analytics is rather the next step in the evolution of specific application areas that is based on BI infrastructure.

Analytics covers the following areas:
SAP Analytics
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Analytics: Challenges

For the time being, the application of analytics is still manageable and limited to several areas. Beyond the classic examples of areas of application (such as redundancy analysis, shopping cart, ...), ideas about where analytics could be reasonably used are often missing. Here, creativity and enthusiastic approach to experimentation are desired. 

The data is available and can be used not only in manufacturing (e.g. machine breakdowns, transport times) or in call centres (call frequency), but also in cross-sectional areas (cost developments, error identification in accounting).  In addition to the idea which areas of application are possible in the business context, also the knowledge of the applied methods and procedures is required.

The technical challenge is to provide the required infrastructure and the necessary underlying data (Business Intelligence).

In short, the following issues should be first tackled to start using analytics:
  • Identification of areas within a company in which the use of analytics could add value
  • Acquisition of knowledge on the methodological approach
  • Installation of a technical platform or provisioning of access to central analytics tools
  • Data integration and data cleansing, performed in parallel or beforehand, needed for the development of a solid data basis for analytics

Tools and IT solutions for Analytics

Also in the area of analytics, SAP offers various tools. 
The premium product SAP BO Predictive Analytics includes extensive and easy-to-use data-mining features. Also the SAP HANA database itself enables you to display analytics applications using an R integration.

Analytics: This is how we support you

You know your data and processes best! Therefore, we offer you assistance in tapping into the world of analytics and in the technical organisation of your analytics infrastructure. We offer you services in the following areas:
  • Introduction to analytics and methods 
  • Provision of a technical analytics platform for trial purposes 
  • Provision of a database comprising general business data in order to use predictive models
  • Technical support for your platform (SAP)
  • Support for partial tasks concerning data integration and data processing
  • Support for the preparation and operationalisation of models

We will be happy to help you creatively explore new ideas about where to also apply analytics at your company.

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