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BizTalk adapter for Microsoft Dynamics CRM


​​​​​​​The Rödl Dynamics CRM adapter integrates itself seamlessly as a WCF custom adapter in the Microsoft BizTalk server from version 2010. Dynamics CRM is supported for the versions 2011 to 2016, on the premises or also online in the MS Cloud.
In contrast to the original WCF service from Microsoft Dynamics CRM, the adapter offers generic access which was specially designed for the BizTalk server.

Since Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011, Microsoft no longer offers its own BizTalk adapter and expects BizTalk developers to use the WCF service from Microsoft Dynamics CRM. However, as this only offers basic operations with key value pairs, use with BizTalk is severely restricted.
BizTalk adapter for Microsoft Dynamics CRM

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The Rödl WCF adapter for Microsoft Dynamics CRM is based on the original WCF service, but it offers strong named and strong typed attributes per entity so that simple attribute to attribute mappings can be realised.

In addition, the adapter offers simple solutions for update/create and lookup mapping.

BizTalk adapter for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 

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Do you have any questions regarding the Rödl Dynamics CRM adapter? Simply call Uwe Heinz on +49 951966 190 or send him an em​ail​​. He will be happy to help you.​


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