Preparation of cash flow accounting

Self-employed and small businesses are not obliged to maintain accounts under commercial law. They are allowed to determine their taxable profit through the preparation of so-called cash flow accounting. In this case there is no obligation to prepare a complex annual financial statement, to conduct stocktaking or to prepare double-entry accounting. The tax treatment of income or expenditure is then made not according to the reference of a financial year but merely using the inflow and outflow times. In the usual case the cash flow accounting has to be sent by electronic means to the tax authority.
We are happy to take on responsibility for the determination of your income and expenditure. We regularly provide you with understandable evaluations adjusted to your individual requirements which will assist you with your entrepreneurial decisions.
In the course of the preparation of the cash flow accounting and the required tax returns we indicate the possibilities for tax mitigation and adjust your tax situation to your entrepreneurial and private future plans. More »
Naturally we advise you when for tax reasons it would be advantageous for you to prepare a voluntary annual financial statement instead of continuing with cash flow accounting.


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